Terms and Conditions

This agreement comes into effect on acceptance of the customer of a service when completing the booking for any service provided by L&A Cleaning Services.


“WE/US” meaning L&A Cleaning Services and employees thereof.

“PRIORITY” meaning priority areas that are advised by the customer prior to cleaning.

“CUSTOMER” “YOU” meaning the person who has booked a service with L&A Cleaning Services

“SERVICE/S” meaning any service booked to be completed by L&A Cleaning Services.

What we do:

  1. We provide a cleaning service for your home or workplace in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Rotherham.. We have a cleaning checklist that will be adhered to and must be discussed prior to the start of the service.

  2. If your home is in need of more cleaning than the service that you have asked for, we will offer you an extended service at a new agreed cost. If you do not want the new service we offer, we can continue with the initial domestic cleaning however we would not get through the whole list and only as much as you have paid for. (Hourly)

  3. We must be informed prior to the service of any areas that are of priority to you.

What you will do:

  1. You agree to pay L&A Cleaning Services on completion of the requested service.

  2. You must sign the cleaning checklist on completion of the work.

  3. You must ensure that you have provided us with a list if priority areas, if any, before the service.



  1. Payments can be made via BACS or Cash. We no longer take credit card payments.

  2. Payments can be made weekly or monthly for regular cleans.



  1. Bookings can be made via telephone, email, text message or facebook.

  2. The booking comes in to effect when the customer has agreed a time and is entered into the calendar.



  1. Any disputes must in the first instance be addressed to Laura Smith at lacleanersuk@gmail.com.



  1. We hold public liability insurance up to the amount of £1 million.



  1. Cancellations must be made up to 24 hours prior to the service booked.

  2. We will not allow new bookings by a customer who has cancelled on more than 2 consecutive occasions.


Exceptions and what we do NOT do:

  1. Domestic cleaning – We do not clean tiles unless expressly agreed prior to the service.

    1. Depending on the condition of the property, we may not get through the whole house.

    2. If this is your first domestic clean, do not expect a miracle as you may have only paid for 2 hours and we do not know the condition of the house.

    3. We do not clean inside any appliances.

  2. End of Tenancy – We do not cover carpet cleaning in our end of tenancy quotes.



  1. All of our products have been extensively checked by us and as such we try to use the safest yet most effective products that we can.



  1. Refunds will only be provided in very strict circumstances and in those circumstances, would only be partial refunds commensurate to the complaint:

    1. The customer has visual evidence that a mistake has been made.

    2. The customer has visual evidence, a before and after picture of a ‘priority’ area that the cleaners have missed.